Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to download torrent files with the help of torrentz.eu

You can search anything like software,pc games,movies,books etc. using torrentz.Now it will display all the search result from various torrent sites such as mininova,bisnoop,piratebay etc. 

To download files with torrentz.eu follow these steps

To download a torrent file you should havepre installed a torrent client like utorrent you can get it from here
now install it. 

Now you are ready for download torrent file.

1.Go to torrentz.eu

2.Now search for your desired item for example i search winamp pro.

3.Now it will display search result containing torrent files winamp pro

4.choose your best link as your desire.

5.After this different torrent containing sites will appear.

6.click on  any one of these websites suppose i have chosen piratebay.org

7.Torrent containing file winamp pro with download link named download this torrent will appear.

8.click on it
9.Now a small box will appear saying open torrent with you should choose utorrent

10.Finally your torrent file open with utorrent and file will be downloaded.

You can download any torrent file such as games, movies,software like windows 7, xp,adobe photoshop and more softwares free with serials or crack.

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What is torrentz.eu

Torrentz.eu is a meta-search engine(A metasearch engine is a search tool   that send user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously.You can understand meta-search engine as suppose i have made a meta-search engine searchabc.com now if you type something for Eg. MOVIE then it send this search item  to other search engines like google.com,yahoo.com,bing.com etc. simultaneously and accumulate all the search result from these search engines and display them as single list).
    It was made for torrent client such as bittorent and utorrent  for indexing torrent files from major torrent sites such as mininova,the pirate bay,bitsnoop etc. i.e when you search for any torrent files such as movies,software etc. it  send your search request to torrent sites (mininova,the pirate bay,bitsnoop) and index the search result from these sites.

search indexed by torrentz.eu
This is search results  indexed by torrentz.eu from different torrent sites such as piratebay.org,h33t.org,btjunkie.org etc.